Before any business owner can successfully transfer or sell their business, they must make sure it is highly profitable, scalable, and self-sustainable – so that it can operate efficiently and profitably without them.

Creating this infrastructure can be time-consuming and difficult, but it always results in more options and money when it comes time to sell or transfer the business. This occurs because the owner has created enough “transferable value” in the business to dictate their own terms and get the money they demand. 

Transferable value is the secret sauce that makes a business uniquely competitive, extremely profitable, sustainable, and generally fun to run. The process of building transferable value varies and depends on its organizational structure, the owner’s universal goals and objectives, and the correct mix of value drivers. 

This white paper explores how these value drivers ultimately make their business more profitable, scalable, and transferable. After all, if you, the business owner, want to leave your business on YOUR terms, you’ll need to have a business that buyers desperately want and that your successors can effectively and profitably run without you.

The following key value drivers tend to have the greatest impact on a company’s valuation and can be implemented in any organization. As mentioned, the goal is to determine which ones to implement and how to integrate them into your business.


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